Monday, August 18, 2014

What to write?
Here with nothing on my page,
Nothing on my mind,
But something weighs me down.

You have weight,
But you also bring peace.
I do not have peace in this.

I ask you questions,
And you answer with a laugh,
Giving the same answer
You always give.

Nothing has changed.
Yet sometimes it seems everything has.
As if someone took the world
And shook it.

I yearn to do great things,
But you say "just be."
Where are your miracles there?
But just to be
is a miracle.

And you remind me with a laugh.

And your peace
washes over me again.

Sunday, May 11, 2014


I don't know how to pray,
but you hear me anyway

Whether I say God-in-heaven,
or God-right-here-with-me,
in this little space,
or filling the expanse of the universe.

It is still you,
maybe just with a different label,
a different focus from my end,
but still looking at you.

Does the object of our gaze change
just because we view
with the naked eye
and then through a telescope?

If we focus on
the grain of the bark,
the veins in the leaf,
is it any less a tree?

The very name "God"
that we give you
is just a label
for something we cannot comprehend.

But whichever label we choose
does not change You,
just our view,
and us.