Wednesday, May 15, 2013

You have given me
this beautiful day
to make much of.

Yet I feel like I am
wasting it,
letting it slip away
through my fingers.

I have so much to do,
yet I can't seem to get it done
some days

I am sore today
it does not help me focus
it does not help me work

Perhaps I could focus on you instead?

Though the work needs doing
perhaps less pressure
on myself

It is not urgent
though it needs doing,
but all in its own time

Maybe today needs to be
taken a little slower
restful awareness
focused on the day progressing
less on the rush


Help me to work
despite the soreness,
not through the soreness,
but around it.

To keep getting things done,
crossing them off my list,
my never-ending list.

but in its own time,
in Your time.

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